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There is something extraordinary going on at St. Nicks Pub. First of all this is indeed a night club in Harlem. Second the audience is aggresive about talking loud and having  a good time no matter what.   

The first site you'll see around 9:30 pm is an attractive Japanese woman  (Kay Mori) perched on a stool in the middle of the stage with a guitar who's  beatiful voice shatters the place with Japenese and American folk songs while everyone sings along.

So you think thats unique? Well when the night continues after Melvin Vines Kortet has played a number or two and  the Special guest is invited up and that's where another unique phenomonom occurs.

Kay Mori

Vocals with the Melvin Vines Kortet

Sings American Folk Classics and Japanese Folk songs and a little Bob Marley too!! 

Melvin Vines

Melvin Vines interviews his guests. This  is his version of edutainment at it's best.
  Trumpet/Flugle Horn
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Kay Mori   Vocals

Chip Crawford  Organ
Andrae Murchison Trombone
Malik Washington  Drums
Between 2005 and 2007 Melvin Vines and his large orchestra "Harlem Jazz Machine" has toured more than a dozen cities in Russia and Ukraine performing concerts and some small venues as well. In 2008 Melvin brought the band to Japan for their first tour in Japan. Playing a televised concert in Yonezawa. Jazz  Inn Lovely in Nagoya. A workshop for young Japanese students in Senzoku Gakuen ( Music College) in Yokohama. BFlat jaz club in Tokyo. Hit Studio 60 in Tokyo. Melvin looks forward to bringing his music around the world now and in the future! For now you don't have to travel to Tokyo, just visit St. Nick's Jazz Pub Monday night!
Melvin Vines Kortet